Love is Grand Isn’t It? Welcome to!

My Manifesting Your True Love blog is on a mission to spread happiness! We love love. Period. There is nothing like the feeling of being in love, and if you can take your mind off bad news and negativity, you can use your precious emotional energy in a far better way: To find YOUR love!

You know, you have to be able to love yourself before you can truly love another. You must also know that you are completely worthy of love. So, let’s start by releasing your old expectations of what a loving relationship looks like (hint: It’s NOT what you see in movies or on TV). It might help if you look at stories of long and lasting relationships – people who have been together for decades, and learn more about what they have done to remain together.

I think you will find that there is a great deal of self-respect on both sides, as well as respect for the other partner. People who have lasting relationships also know when to follow the age-old advice, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Begin by searching for real couples you know who seem to be happy. If you can’t find examples in your own neighborhood, try looking for examples on line. For example, I went to and typed in “secrets of long-lasting relationships” and a number of good vids came up. For example, and this goes to the subject of respecting one another, the couple in this vid, “Leo and Maureen” have been married over 55 years. Check it out. Then, be sure to visit our blog again for more!